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Paul Zambrano is a Los Angeles based film composer, sound designer, and music producer.

He started his composing career in his native South Florida hometown with director Giancarlo Candia on his first film, Until Her, while still going to school at Florida Atlantic University.  

After moving to LA after graduating in January 2016, Paul started working within four months, collaborating with producer and director Mike Coleman on A Fighting Chance and What If? during the summer months.  In the Fall, Zambrano worked with Richmond, Virginia-based director Stuart Smith on Dirty Work, Paul's first feature score attained within eight months of being in Los Angeles.  

During the winter months, Paul worked with visionary filmmaker Andrew James Mitchell on a cyber-punk thriller, Binelowes' Locker, which he believes was an important project in developing his own voice as a film composer.  

In Spring of 2017, Paul collaborated once again with Mike Coleman not only as a composer, but as an associate producer and second assistant director in Coleman's two productions, The Only Way and Follow Your Heart.  In May of 2017, Mike Coleman passed away from a freak car accident during post production, where Zambrano and fellow filmmaker friend, Rudi Silva, took the initiative to finish these two productions, and record the scores with live players, which was initially not planned.  

Currently, Paul is working again with Giancarlo on his second short film, The Breakup, Alexander Owen's debut film, Voyuerism, as well as other projects in development in the near future.